An exclusive
setting for
a life of spoilt comfort

Everything in the Grand Ouest is designed to transform your stay into an extraordinary experience. The spirit of the tradition-steeped Grand Hotels is evoked here to create a home of well-tended cosiness. In beloved Westend, behind listed and unmistakably neo-baroque façades, an elegant lifestyle is coming to flower. And unveiling a level of service that will leave no one wanting.

  • Popular Westend location
  • Listed building with a neo-baroque façade
  • Particularly high-quality fittings
  • Three design motifs to enhance residential value
  • Concierge service for Grand Hotel-style comfort
  • Ready to move in, until autumn 2020

Schauen Sie sich Ihre neue Wohnung in Ihrem virtuellen Rundgang an:

*diese Visualisierungen zeigen unverbindliche Wohnungsbeispiele


Imperial residence,
where post was once

Among the best-known and most architecturally eye-catching buildings in Frankfurt and likewise
a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To resided in the former Imperial Oberpostdirektion building.
A neo-baroque monument with a wealth of history.


The building with two interior courtyards and a prestigious
façade facing Hohenzollernplatz is constructed
as the Imperial Oberpostdirektion.


241 officials move into the then new building
A post office is built on the ground floor. The president
of the postal service resides on the most desired floor in the central risalit.


The building was hit hard during the bombing of Frankfurt.
Many architecturally significant parts
miraculously remain intact.


After the war’s end, more floors are added
to the five-storey building.
It receives a flat roof which is later corrected.


An annex building is constructed: the so-called
Senckenberg-Carré. Additionally the interior of the old building
is completely gutted and both courtyards are replaced by new buildings.


The postal service and Postbank
make the building available
for new utilisation ideas and move out.
The façade of the older building
is renovated.


Wo gehobener
Lebensstil zuhause ist

Die Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 2 – 8 in unmittelbarer Nähe zum Messegelände ist die neue erste Adresse für außergewöhnliches Wohnen in Frankfurts Westend. Treten Sie ein in die einzigartige Welt von GrandOuest. Film anschauen ›